Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moze li neko da voli dvanaest ljudi u isto vreme?

Pozajmljeno od Pond Culture, hvala Vule.

"I think I love twelve men.

Frankly, I am surprised that neither Dr. Phil nor Maury Povich have invited me onto their shows to talk about it.
Because it’s not something I hide.
My close friends know about it. So does my girlfriend.
She can accept it. So I hope you can too.
The twelve men that have led me to this place of unholy perversion comprise the dozen that suit up for the Golden State Warriors.
For most news outlets, the Golden State Warriors is a basketball team that plays in the NBA and with your heart."

ostatak teksta o ljubavi prema 12 ovde


Marko Cvetkovic said...

A ja volim 13 muškaraca. Oni su:

Palacio, Tepić, Kecman, Borovnjak, Tripković, Veličković, Peković, Vitkovac, Đurković, Božić, Milošević, Vraneš i naravno Dule Vujošević.

Nije mnogo originalno, ali je iskreno.
Bože, hvala ti što sam Grobar!

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